“We want to become a group who is white to black. White is the color of nothing. It’s a basic color. White can be changed into any other color too. First, we wanna try many things without distinction between genres. Black is a color which is created by combination of every color. Ultimately, we want be like black, doing all styles of music well”. (Kang Seungyoon)

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Tom, he was a piper's son, 
He learnt to play when he was young,
And all the tune that he could play
Was over the hills and far away.
Over the hills and a great way off,
The wind shall blow my top-knot off...

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Mikasa Ackerman & Levi Ackerman + OVA 
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Taehyun wants to take a pretty couple shot with Mino

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OMG NAMSONG,.. again !!! To much feel to handle ,.just get marry please ^3^

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